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Sometimes in life, it feels like we are going against the wind…and it’s easy to cringe when we feel the winds of challenge smacking us in the face or see what looks like an impossible circumstance we must overcome. Opportunity is always disguised as effort and, when we’ve been facing a …

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Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Mousse

This mousse is so light, so airy, so decadent, and so HEALTHY! The secret super-food ingredient is pumpkin! This guilt-free dessert helps to energize, combat stress and lower heart disease. Plus it’s extremely high in fiber, helping to curb cravings and balance blood sugar levels. And maybe the best thing about this …

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Sweet Potato Gingerbread Muffins

A healthy, high protein, grain-free treat! It also makes the perfect holiday dessert served with a dollop of whipped cream. Serve with apple or pear slices and warm spiced tea! Ingredients: 3/4 c. creamy almond butter 1 1/4 c. mashed cooked sweet potatoes 1/4 c. blackstrap molasses 1/4 c. maple syrup …

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