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One Act of Love At a Time

As we take time to celebrate the blessings in our lives with the people we love, we are reminded that many members of our global family have experienced extremely challenging times. The need and sadness can often seem overwhelming, but the truth is, each one of us can make a huge impact with even the smallest act of love.

Change starts with one person, one act of love at time.

The message of this song captures The Spiritual Mall’s vision of creating a global movement that cultivates love, healing and kindness one heart at a time. We hope the words and the music of this song, written and performed by our friends “Point of Light,” have given you ideas and have inspired you to take action to do yourpart to fill the world with love.

We invite you to click the image on the right to download this song for $1.29 where you will also have the opportunity to contribute to those in need. By purchasing this song you are helping “Point of Light” continue to bring messages of love and light to our global family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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